Welcome to our services page. Our department is tasked with two main functions, as an Animal Control department, we are tasked with enforcing ordinances concerning the keeping of animals within West Baton Rouge Parish. As a shelter, we are tasked with doing everything we can to find positive outcomes for the neglected, unclaimed, abused, and abandoned animals in our care. Below is a list of services that we provide to accomplish these missions. If you have any questions not answered by the information on this page, you can call our office at 225-336-2428 

  1. Stray Animal Capture
  2. Emergency Response
  3. Nuisance Complaints
  4. Ordinance Enforcement
  5. Animal Cruelty Investigations
  6. Animal Care and Adoptions
  7. Community Outreach
  8. Vaccine Clinics

In response to calls and complaints, WBRP Animal Control, through its officers, is tasked with capturing and impounding stray or feral cats, dogs, and livestock within the parish. Our animal control officers have many humane methods at their disposal for collecting these stray or feral animals. These methods include the use of tools such as catch poles, cat traps, dog traps, and cat graspers. All of our officers receive proper training in the use of these tools for safe and humane animal capture. 

Captured animals are impounded and brought to the animal control center. Upon arriving, the animals go through an intake procedure that assigns them a unique ID number and they are placed on a hold period to give their owners a chance to redeem them. To find out more about our impound procedures, redemption procedures, and fine/fee amounts, click here

cat in trap